Stella & Dot Stylist Fall Shoot Downtown Houston

Don’t you just love getting all dolled up and going out with the girls?! Most days I’m home in my worn out yoga pants I had in college with dirty hair that is usually laced with cereal or whatever was last on my 1 yr old’s hands. So, I use any excuse to bring out the old curling iron and put on a fresh coat of make-up- and yes I said fresh coat because sometimes that old coat of make-up can be on for a day or two, don’t drink that haterade- it happens!

Sunday was one of those days- I went downtown with the girls! Ok, ok so it was for a photoshoot at 1pm right after church, but still we had THE BEST time! Morgan, Lacey, and Liz are all fashionistas and stylist for Stella & Dot. Morgan messaged me and asked if we could set up a time to take pictures that would show off some of their gorgeous Stella & Dot pieces for their Instagram posts and marketing- was that even a question?! I jumped on the occasion!

Theses girls were a blast! We laughed the entire time, and it felt like we had known each other for ages. I’m so excited to start this partnership and take quarterly pictures with these incredible #bossbabes! Enjoy a few of my favorite pics below- and yes I mean a few because I took three-THOUSAND pictures in 2 hours! I told you we had fun!

*Priscilla is a Senior Portrait and Lifestyle Photographer in The Woodlands and greater Houston area.

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