Hey Mamas!

Tired of getting those blurry shots of your athlete out on the field?

Do you have a camera sitting on a shelf that you would love to learn how to use?

Ready to save some money & take your own pictures of your kids' milestones, birthday parties, and big life moments?

I have the course for you!

I   want   in!

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Moms supporting moms

 Private Facebook group

 Weekly lessons and challenges

Mobile & desktop presets

Cheat sheets and note guides

Editing tutorials

Live Q&A's and videos

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"Priscilla Bearden Photography has added lifelong value to my family! Learning about my camera in ways I wasn't even aware of has changed everything. 

The support, education, and relationships formed through this course are priceless.

A gift that keeps on giving because now I can take photos at family events, life's milestones, and be satisfied with the results. My only regret is not doing it sooner.

It is never too late to sharpen a casual hobby and become more skilled in photography! You go mama! Have fun and treat yourself to a course that keeps on giving."

Real Results After 4 Short Weeks

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