Dear Weston

My dearest Weston,

I cannot believe you are turning five today. I remember vividly, two years ago, dreading this day because it meant you’d be starting kindergarten just a month later. Yet, here we are—time has no friends and waits for no one.

Someday, when you are older and reading my words—feeling thankful for this post, I hope—I just want you to know how much I had to bribe and coerce you into taking these pictures. You’re welcome. But how thankful I am that I did because it captured your bright personality to a T.

Weston, you made me a mom, and I never thought I could love in the capacity the way that I love you. You changed me. You made me better. During these last five years, you’ve helped me to understand the love of Christ like I’ve never known. And through each passing day, you challenge me to better myself for you and your brother and your dad.

When I look at you, I see so much life.

Weston, I love you for the way you make me laugh at the silly and weird things you do! And I love when you tell me “that’s weird!” when I try to make you laugh. I love your weird faces and your weird karate moves. But I really love how we are weird together!

I love the way you always want to make your brother smile, and how you find joy in making others laugh. I love your one “silly face” that you make over and over and over.

But Weston, what I love most about you is your kind soul and gentle spirit. Even at such a young age, you have always been so thoughtful of others. You’ve always taken care of other people, especially kids younger than you, and you always take care of your brother. I remember Christmas two years ago, we went to buy gifts for kids in need and, after we picked out the gifts, I bought you a little Hot Wheels car. When we got home, I asked if you wanted me to open your car, but you said no. I was perplexed, so I asked you again and again. Each time you said no. When I asked you why, you explained it was because you wanted to give it to the little boy who needed it. I explained that we had already gotten the kids gifts and it was okay if you wanted to keep your car, but you were insistent. That is who you are. It’s who you have been since you were very little. You genuinely love people and you have such a heart to help them.

Sweet Weston, remember one thing—love. Pursue truth in love. Serve others with love. Give grace through love. Follow Christ because He first loved. You, my son, are so loved, so go and love.

I love you with my entire being. You are my pride and joy, and I love you with all of my heart.



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