4th of July Blog Photoshoot at Market Street Woodlands


4th of July is one of my favorite holidays—the American flags, parades, summer heat and the encompassing ‘Merica pride you can undeniably feel as you look up to see bald eagles circling and singing the national anthem. Well, at least that’s what my kid sees about four times a day in the middle of Houston, Tx, “Mom, look! A bald eagle!” I even convinced my mom to buy Wade a patriotic cut-off tee that had Abraham Lincoln sporting sunglasses and an American flag bandana for Father’s Day! Top that! Nonetheless, it’s a time for families and friends to spend the day around the grill—eating and laughing—and to be truly thankful for the freedom we share as Americans.



Every year, I ask Wade if we can go “glamping” for 4th of July in some quaint Colorado town you find in those Hallmark movies—the ones where you walk down Main Street and everybody knows each other’s names. I have yet to be successful in this endeavor, but I promise you this, I will prevail! Until then, this July 4th you will find me enjoying the company of my Bearden family—all 19 of us—being loud, enjoying hotdogs and hamburgers, singing happy birthday to two of the kids, and competitively engaged in a game of spades.

To help celebrate this holiday, Callie and I thought it would be a great time to take some fun pictures for her blog, http://www.funandsunwithoutthebuns.com/, where you can shop the looks she is sporting and more! Make sure you follow her on Instagram as well @funandsunwithoutthebuns!

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Oh, and for all those eager to see Wade’s Abraham Lincoln cut-off tee…you’re welcome!

  1. Callie says:

    Love this post! Happy 4th! Also, Justin needs in on that Abe Lincoln shirt! HA!

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